Getting Started with Activities

What are Activities

Activities are processes within Frontline that allow you to automate actions. You can configure Activities to do almost anything you want! Trigger an automatic SMS reply to any incoming SMS or Missed Call. Reply differently to SMS that contains different keywords.

More advanced Activities allow you to forward messages to groups, move your contacts in and out of Groups and respond to questions.

FrontlineSMS provides some preset Actitivties to do some basic tasks.

Setting up Activities

1. Go to Activities Page. Click on the Activities link on the top pink bar.


2. Click on "Create an Activity"


3. A sidebar with various options will be displayed from the right. From here you can select your preferred Activity. The activities will be well described in what they can do. A simple one to create would be a 2 Question Survey.


4. Tapping on the 2 question survey will then reveal a form where you can then configure your 2 Question Survey as you desire.


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