Download and Install FrontlineLocal (Unix)

  1. We need to check that some libraries exist for us to configure the MySQL database appropriately:
    • Our DB has a dependency on the libaio library. Data directory initialization and subsequent server startup steps fail if this library is not installed locally. If necessary, install it using the appropriate package manager.
      For example, on Yum-based systems:

      shell> yum search libaio # search for info

      shell> yum install libaio # install library

      Or, on APT-based systems:

      shell> apt-cache search libaio # search for info

      shell> apt-get install libaio1 # install library
    • Support for Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) has been added to the generic Linux build, which has a dependency now on the libnuma library; if the library has not been installed on your system, use your system's package manager to search for and install it (see the preceding item for some sample commands).
    • SLES 11: As of MySQL 5.7.19, the Linux Generic tarball package format is EL6 instead of EL5. As a side effect, the MySQL client bin/MySQL needs

      A workaround is to create a symlink, such as ln -s /lib64/ on 64-bit systems or ln -s /lib/ on 32-bit systems.

  2. Download the installation file from <Installation File Location>. A Debian package and an app image file are available.

  3. Run the executable file downloaded

    • Debian package
      • From the terminal, while in the directory the file was downloaded, run
        sudo dpkg -i frontlinelocal_<version>.deb
      • Enter your root user's password
      • Installation begins. Grab a coffee and chill whilst files are copied to the system.
      • Once the files have been copied and relevant symlinks and icons created, you need to start the app as you would normally do. This is to initiate the setup configurations to happen in the background, as seen in the image below. This may take a while, depending on your system's resource capabilities. Continue sipping on your coffee.

    • App Image
      • Execute(run) the file by either double-clicking or action applicable to your system
      • Installation begins, the setup configurations happen in the background. This may take a while, depending on your system's resource capabilities. Grab a coffee and chill.


  4.  Once installation is complete, you will see the login screen. Enter your credentials and get into FrontlineLocal.


  5. Once you log in, you will be provided with further setup instructions in the app.




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