Setting up FrontlineLocal on a Server

You may want to set up FrontlineLocal on a Server. Here are the instructions for doing so. 

1. Install Java, MySQL and Tomcat 7

Install the following requirements

Please Note : Use alternative means of installations that work for your setup. The key point to note is that we should use Java 7, Tomcat 7 and Mysql 5.7

Add the property db.preserve=true system property in the file. This file found inside the tomcat folder under conf/

2. Create Database

Assuming that MySQL is running, create a database using the script below

function mysql_create_db {
	local db_name=$1
	local db_username=$2
	local db_password=$3
	local root_username=root
	local root_password=$4
	if [[ -z "$root_password" ]]; then
	echo "Creating MySQL database: $db_name"
	echo "You may need to enter your mysql password for username: $root_username"
	mysql -u${root_username} ${password_clause} -e "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS $db_name; CREATE DATABASE $db_name CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $db_name.* TO $db_username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '$db_password'"
	echo "Database created :-)"

mysql_create_db frontlinesms fsms_username fsms_password

3. Ensure the installed java is the default java in use system-wide.

For your setup, you may need to just make sure JAVA_HOME points to the Java 7 installed.

4. Download and Setup FrontlineLocal in Tomcat 7

Download FrontlineLocal WAR file from 

Assuming Tomcat 7 is running (using Java 7) then rename the war file to ROOT.war and place it in the tomcat web apps folder. Tomcat will automatically unpack the WAR file and FrontlineLocal should be running on port 8080. The URL should look as follows http://localhost:8080 

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