Managing Failed SMSs

Resending Failed SMS 

 You can either resend one SMS at a time or in bulk. Before attempting to resend your Failed SMS, it is good to first fix the issue causing the failures. This could be due to a number of reasons but most are connection related for example,  if you have a broken connection and or lack of enough credit to send the SMS or when you have not defined any routing rules.  

Resending a single SMS 

Step 1: Open the SMS Failed view in the left hand filter navigation of the Inbox and select the SMS that you want to resend.

Step 2: Click on either of the resend buttons (1) or (2). The SMS will be queued again and moved from the SMS Failed view to the SMS Pending view. 


Resending Bulk SMS

From the Failed SMS view, select all the SMS that you want to resend and click the 'Retry Sending Selected Failed SMS' button.  A window will open with confirmation that you are about to resend X number of SMS. The SMS will be moved to the Pending SMS view. 


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