Connect your Android phone to FrontlineLocal with FrontlineSync over LAN

FrontlineLocal is the latest version of FrontlineSMS that is designed to run offline without the requirement for an internet connection.  It comes a new and easy way of connecting it with FrontlineSync over your Local Area Network (LAN) i.e. using a router and not assuming any sort of internet connection.

Steps for setting up a new FrontlineSync Connection on FrontlineLocal

  1. Ensure that your computer running FrontlineLocal is connected to your local network, your LAN is probably handled by a router.
  2. If not downloaded already, please visit the Google Play Store and download FrontlineSync onto your Android. FrontlineSync is compatible with Android versions 2.3.0 and above. After completing the installation, open the application to configure your connection.

  3. Tap on "Connect to FrontlineLocal over LAN Instead".

  4. Enter your email and password which you use when accessing your FrontlineLocal workspace. You will also need to enter your computers local IP address;
    Look up your computer’s local IP address. (There is a useful document written by LinkSys on how to find this)
  5. Confirm that all your credentials and IP Address are correct and click Accept and Connect.
  6. FrontlineSync will now try to contact your FrontlineLocal workspace through your local router. If successful You will only be able to proceed to Step 3/4 if the app successfully finds and connects to your workspace.
    There will be a new Connection created in your FrontlineLocal workspace and the status will automatically update to the green 'Connected' state as an indication that there is communication.
  7. Once a connection has been reached you need to set the interactions that you would like FrontlineSync to handle.  See our other articles and read more about the options regarding messages and missed calls and check frequency


You are all set!  Next you will be taken to the app's dashboard. See more details on the dashboard.


If you now return to FrontlineLocal, you will now see that the FrontlineSync connection status is now green showing that there is communication with your Android phone. If you expand the connection options  link, you will see that the Options you chose in set up match what you set up on the Android. You can connect multiple devices as illustrated below.


Added Information

If you notice that your FrontlineSync connection is not sending or receiving messages and uploading missed calls:

  • Check that the application on your Android app has not been switched off. If the app is off there will be a notification on the dashboard about the app being inactive and you can proceed to switch it on under settings options
  • Check that you have configured your sync settings as explained here
  • Ensure that you have got enough mobile phone credit and that the phone is connected to the same network as FrontlineLocal.
  • Ensure that the connection is not disabled on FrontlineLocal.
  • Check that the Connection is placed first on top of your routing rules.



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