Share troubleshooting data from your Android with FrontlineSMS support

You can send us your FrontlineSync data for analysis whenever you are having trouble with your connection by following the short steps below.
Please contact us at first before sending any of your data.

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Step 1: From the Settings page, you'll find the 'Share Data with FrontlineSMS support' button, select it and you will be navigated to the page where you can upload your logs or database to share with the FrontlineSMS support team.

Step 2: You will need to select which medium to send your data. We currently recommend sending your data through email, but can also receive via WhatsApp if that is preferred.  Most phones have different options provided here so look for the email option that is attached a functional email address on the phone.


If you have selected sending your data through email, an email will be created using the email client you have chosen. There's no need to set any recipient as this is already pre-populated by the app as shown in the Gmail example below.


If you have opted to send your data through WhatsApp, You will need to store the provided support number as a contact in your device and select it when prompted to do so.
You should also include as a separate message the email address that you used to register to FrontlineSMS so that we can be aware of whose data has been received.


Step 3: You will receive further feedback from our support team after they've analyzed your data to determine where the problem lies. 

Note: Your database may be a large file of many MB and may exceed the upload limit for email or WhatsApp.

Note: You can only send us data if you are running version S-95 or later. Lower versions do not have this feature. Confirm the version you are running under the FrontlineSync settings. If you have a lower version, update to the latest version from Google play store.



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