FrontlineSync SMS Delivery reports

A delivery report is a report that an aggregator sends back to inform a user whether their message has been delivered to the intended recipient. This feature can help ensure that the status of your interactions on FrontlineSMS are accurate by testing for a positive outcome.

To take advantage of this feature you have to explicitly enable it on FrontlineSync.

Go to Settings > Manage Delivery Reports


You will be redirected to the page below from where you can turn the feature on. The feature is disabled by default and you can turn it off at any time.


Should you choose to use this feature, you should consider the following:

  1. Some Carriers do provide DeliveryReports and some don't.
  2. If your Carrier supports delivery reports, you will get the delivery reports mostly when you are sending messages to subscribers of the same carrier.
  3.  When you send the message outside your carrier you may or may not get the delivery report. In most cases, you won't.
  4. Some carriers may charge you for the delivery report service.
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