Send automatic "fallback" SMS reply to messages that do not trigger any Activity

This feature is designed to help workspace admins guide their users who text in messages that don't trigger any activities.  These messages will not normally trigger any reply but using this feature ensures that workspace admins can provide help and direction.

This fallback SMS is a great way to introduce the services that you have set up for your workspace, and how your users might interact with them.


How it works

In a workspace that has one or more enabled activities that are all triggered by SMS. One of these activities is 'JOIN-OUR-GROUP' and it adds contacts to a group if they text in the keyword 'JOIN'.

Case A: If a contact John texts in the keyword 'JOIN' that triggers the activity 'JOIN-OUR-GROUP' and John is added to the group 'GROUP X'.

Case B: A contact Jane texts in the keyword 'HELLO' which does not trigger JOIN-OUR-GROUP or any other activity in the workspace, then an SMS can automatically be sent to Jane providing information and offer guidance on the correct keyword usage for the workspace and how to trigger their desired activity.


The message text needs to simply be entered and the feature turned on in your workspace in the Activities section.

You can structure the message to inform senders on the kind of activities running in your workspace, for instance, if you have the 'JOIN-OUR-GROUP' activity used in the examples above, that is triggered by a keyword 'JOIN', you can inform contacts that have sent in messages without the keyword 'JOIN'.

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