Introduction to the FrontlineSMS Dashboard

Our users can now enjoy insightful charts and visualizations thanks to our newly deployed dashboards feature.

The FrontlineSMS dashboard will now allow you to have increased visibility into the various processes happening behind the scenes in your workspace environment. You can now visually monitor your Activity data and performance on FrontlineSMS using charted out metrics to provide a better understanding of your project. 

All our users will now land on their dashboard upon log in instead of the Inbox as was the case before.

If you are a new user, we'd still like your first point of interaction to be our getting started tour so that will still be the content you will see first before landing on your dashboard.



Why add charts to the dashboard?

We've added a selection of example charts to show you some of the types of charts to expect when we start building your project's charts. With the help of our very own collection of FrontlineSMS statistical data over the years to show you just how powerful the visual message we show through our charts can be.

Below is a sample of what will be displayed on each workspace's dashboard.



We have also included a call to action button to prompt our users to chart their milestones through Activities.

Editing your Dashboard

You can also add, edit and order the charts on your dashboard that are generated from your active Activities using the edit feature on the top left side of the page shown below:


To add charts to the dashboard, you can select one from the list of charts available on your workspace as shown below:


The list of charts on offer is defined by the Activities that you have running in your workspace.  For example if you have a Subscription Activity running you will then be able to add specific Subscription charts from this to your dashboard. Once the edit option is selected, the dashboard layout changes and there's a dark overlay on each of the charts and numbers displayed on each of the charts.

The numbers indicate the chart positions relative to the page layout and the other charts.

To move your chart to a different position, simply click on the left or right arrows on two ends of the charts in edit more - as shown in chart #2 below.

This will move the selected chart either right or left relative to other charts if there is more than one chart in that row and move it either up or down if it's on the extreme left or right or is the only chart on the row or spanning the entire length.


To request for your very own tailor-made charts to suit your industry or business, get in touch with us on






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