Visiting and Navigating Workspaces

 Visiting a workspace

As a FrontlineSMS administrator or support staff, with explicit permission from a user, you can access a user's workspace by using the goto feature. This is mainly for investigation purposes. 

The goto feature allows you to visit a workspace whose email address you specify. 

For instance to navigate to a user's workspace whose FrontlineSMS account email address is, type in your browser's address bar 

If logged in to your workspace, you'll be directed to the user's workspace and if not logged in, you'll be required to do so. 


Sharing links to a page in FrontlineCloud 

It is possible to provide generic links to specific pages in the app without specifying the workspace ID as part of the shared link.

The links shared will be pointing to common (general) sections of the app and not pointing to things like a specific Activity or Contact.

To share a link to a page without specifying the user's workspace ID, use the go feature. This feature allows you to specify the page to go to using a URL of the format The page will load in the workspace of the current user who is logged in. 

For instance, to share a URL pointing to the inbox, the URL will be

This feature essentially works even when parameters are specified as part of the URL to go to. For example

Some of the use cases for this feature are onboarding and when handling user support requests. 

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