Retrying upload of failed incoming messages or missed calls

Automatic retries

When FrontlineSync detects a new incoming message or missed call, it will try to upload it immediately. But at times the phone may not have a good internet connect and uploading such messages would fail. FrontlineSync will try and upload that message/missed call within the 24 hours following the time it was received. FrontlineSync will stop retrying the message upload after 24 hours, after which the message will not be sent to Frontline unless uploaded manually.

Manual retries

If an incoming message/missed call fails to upload within 24 hours, you will have to tap the message to retry it. A confirm dialog will be displayed that looks as follows.

Confirm that you want to retry uploading that message/missed call.

The message/missed call will be queued for retrying once again. At this point ensure that you have a good connection so that the messages don't fail to upload once again.

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