An introduction

Cookbooks are JSON-formatted files that contain the data on one or more Collections. They are saved as cookbook files, with a .ckbk extension and contain pure JSON data.

A ckbk has a name, description, author and version. It then contains an array (a list of any size) of Recipes, and a single UserData. In this way ckbk’s can be exported, versioned, shared and imported serving many users with sets of Recipes and associated UserData message content.


A collection is a set of of one or more Recipes and UserData


A Recipe is one set of one or more Triggers, zero or more Conditions, and one or more Actions or Fallback Actions. A Recipe also has a name and description, and also has an id so that Recipes can refer to other Recipes. A Recipe can be enabled or disabled.

Each Recipe contains an array of triggers, conditions, actions, and elseActions.


The UserData stores text content as a separate store that can be referenced from within any Recipe in the same cookbook. This allows for easier editing. More information on UserData can be obtained from the UserData section


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