Setting up Africa's Talking

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Step 1: Setting up an account with Africa's Talking.

  1. Visit Africa's Talking website and register for an account. 
  2.  Verify the account by adding a number; Select settings then testing verification number to add a working phone number on the dialog box that opens. You will receive a verification code on the number you have entered above. The number you enter must be internationalized ( starting with + followed by country code e.g +254). Enter the code in the box provided and verify.  
  3. Once you have successfully completed the process, your number will appear in the section labeled ' My Verified Numbers'. Note that you can have more than one verified number. Your account will get an automatic top up of KES 10 credit which you can use to test your account. 


Step 2: Generating API key

From your account Settings, click the link 'API Key' then 'Generate My API Key'. Note the API Key somewhere, as you will use it in FrontlineCloud in the next steps. 



Step 3: Requesting for a Short-code Number or Custom Sender_ID

Africa's Talking only supports Short- codes for SMS sending. It is also possible to customize your sender ID to something you prefer like an organization's name. Fill a request form in the SMS section in your dashboard for each section. The custom Sender_ID request form is found under the 'Alphanumeric' section. You will require these details when configuring the connection in FrontlineCloud.

Note that if you opt to have a custom sender_ID  and wish to receive feedback from your contacts, you must provide  them with a number to use as they can't respond to a custom ID.

You can add airtime to your new shortcode number under 'Airtime' on the billing section and add more airtime through either Mpesa Paybill  or Paypal. 

 4: Setting up Connection on FrontlineCloud. 

  1. Log in to your FrontlineCloud account to configure a new connection.Click on Settings, select 'Connections to Mobile networks' and then 'Connect to a Mobile Network'.
  2. On the window that opens, select 'Custom Connection' at the bottom of the page. 


3. This will open a form where you will fill in some details to complete the connection set up. 





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