How to add beta connections

A connection is in Beta when its 'hidden' from users, so you will need to manually add a connection.  Beta connections will always be enabled and visible on Admin workspaces and on Darknightly.

You may use Firefox, Chrome as your browser for the following steps to work.

Step 1. Navigate to the connections screen in desktop or Cloud.


Step 2. Edit the target URL associated with the Add New Connection button by adding ?beta=true

This is the tricky bit: you need to edit the target URL associated with the Add New Connection button.

Right click on the Add New Connection button, and click 'inspect element.'




Normally, the target URL appears as: [url:'/w/8/connection/wizard']

So in that case, you need to edit the URL to appear as: [url:'/w/8/connection/wizard?beta=true']

Once you click away, the change will be temporarily saved.  If you now click  'Add New Connection, the hidden connection should now appear in the connections list.  

Complete the steps provided in the wizard for the specific connection and save.

Note that you do not have to repeat the steps everytime as the connection will always appear on your connections list.


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