Details required to configure a custom web aggregator connection

Thanks for your interest in partnering with us. This is something we can help with by building a custom connection for you but only on FrontlineCloud.  We need the following to get started;

  1. Link to API documentation for the aggregator so that we can know how to integrate with the aggregator.

  2. A test account and number to enable our developer team to conduct a feasibility study.

Questions to ask aggregators when configuring a connection

  1. How do we set up the alphanumeric ID (SenderId) for the mobile terminated SMS?
  2. How do we authenticate when using you platform to send the SMS.
  3. Do you provide SMS delivery reports? If you do, how do you send it back to FSMS?
 Do you support bulk SMS?
  5. Do you limit the number of SMS someone can send within a period/ rate limit?
  6. How should I structure the requests I'm making and what response do you send back?
  7. Are callbacks supported? 


Please note that if the process of setting up support for the custom aggregator is speculated to take more than 30 minutes, we will charge a daily rate to set up the connection. 

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