How to add in new translations for deployment

Run the following sets of commands in sequence.

1. On the Pootle server, run:

sudo pootle_backup
sudo ./run_pootle_command sync_stores
sudo ./run_pootle_command commit_to_vcs

2. On the dev machine, being used for deployment, run:

git checkout translate
git pull
git merge master
git push

3. Then run the following on the remote pootle instance

sudo ./run_pootle_command update_from_vcs
sudo ./run_pootle_command update_against_templates
sudo ./run_pootle_command commit_to_vcs

4. Then run the following locally

git checkout translate
git pull
git checkout master
git merge translate

In case of failure of any of the above steps, restore from backup, investigate cause, and start over. Git merge conflicts should be handled in the usual way, and should not require starting over.

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