Managing translation with Pootle and teams of translators

i. Set up

  1. Attempt to verify that the potential translator is skilled and committed enough.
  2. Set up the translators Pootle account.
  3. Give the translator access to make suggestions (un-trusted: 'Can make a suggestion for a translation') or translations (trusted or expert: 'Can submit a translation') on each language they are translating.  This is done on the Permissions tab of each language.  One line for each translator user.  eg.
    All translators should have the 'Can view a translation project' permission for their language(s).
    Be careful not to give the translator incorrect access.

ii. Translation in progress

  1. The Frontline handler should agree with the prospective translators timelines within which translations are to be completed.
  2. The Frontline handler can check on the progress of the translations by keeping track of the words remaining value for each translation file. For example, from core project, german page one can see that there are a number of missing words. Progress is marked by this number gradually reducing.
  3. If the initial translator only has 'suggestion access', then once complete a second translator will need to go through and check/confirm each Suggestion before the words can be used in the app.  This second translator will need access to verify: 'Can review translations' or 'Can submit a translation'.

iii. Translation complete

  1. Once a translation is considered complete (all the English equivalents values have been verified and submitted), the handler will need to create a JIRA ticket to integrate and build a pre-release:
    title: Integrate new <language name> translation into core and cloud
    description: add a link to the project on pootle
    type: improvement
    label: translation
  2. It is possible that once the Jira ticket has been done and a version of the app is running with the new translation, a deployment or link could be sent for review the translators.  The translators then check for and correct any errors such as layout errors or incorrect context directly onto the same Pootle language.
    If translator desires to make a change to a language, they just have to search for the term in the search box present at the bottom of the translate page, for example, in the swahili translate page, there is search box at the bottom of that page.
  3. The translation should then be verified somehow; a decision would need to be made as to whether the content is acceptable.
  4. The development team can be asked to merge the changes to the main development branch in readiness for release.  Committing translations to version control will only be done by a developer (or user who has such permissions availed to them).
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