How to translate a frontline language externally from Pootle

This outlines how to get the language file, get it translated, and then merge it back in once translated remotely. It's worth opening and reading the useful documentation on Pootle's offline translation functionality.

  1. Navigate to the relevant file on - N.B. at present only Core is in Pootle, Cloud is not at all translated yet so incomplete files will be added this week
  2. Download the XLIFF language file, due to a bug multiple steps are required:
  3. Email the XLF file to the translator
  4. Once translated, ensure the translated file is still in XLF format and import the file via the upload button.  Select merge (2nd option) and the existing target file.  The system should then do clever things and update the language.
  5. Notify a \o/ dev of the update; a developer will need to check the language and they will 'Commit to VCS' using the Pootle/Git link.
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