How to set up a volunteer translator as a user on Pootle

This outlines how set up a volunteer translators account so that he/she may log in and start working. More information on this topic and especially a description of user permissions can be found at the official Pootle documentation.

  1. Send introductory email, thanking him/her and asking for a preferred username.
  2. Create an account for the translator, with a randomized password (the user can change it later on if so desired).  
  3. Then simply reset their password by hitting the page and entering their email address.  This way there is no password sharing needing to be done.
  4. Set permissions per language and project accordingly as he/she will be only able to view translations and make suggestions otherwise. Depending on trust and expertise granting the appropriate one of the following set of permissions for respective language(s) seems to be sensible.


Suggested user permissions:

  • volunteers should only be granted view and suggest
  • trusted volunteers should be allowed to view, suggest, translate and/or review

(The remaining permissions should be restricted to users with admin privileges.)

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