How to restart the cloud server

CAUTION: This should only be done as a last resort, after exhausting all options.

For almost every kind of outage we experience on cloud, a server restart is the fix required to get cloud running again - logs are backed up for investigation of the root cause as part of a restart. This is therefore a useful tool to have handy in the event of an outage.

To restart the server, follow the steps above for enabling/running a jenkins job, but use the 'frontlinecloud-restarter' job. Note that:

  • It can take 2-3 minutes from job execution to the cloud app being available again. The job will usually complete within a minute, so there is an expected delay between job completion and the server coming back up.
  • A green exit status simply means the restart command was executed successfully. It does not necessarily imply cloud will be back up on completion
  • If you see a 503 error during or after execution, it just means the app is still attempting to start up
  • A 502 error (after a period of 503s) means the server failed to restart.

- Sitati & Okal

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