Enabling and disabling the FrontlineCloud holding page

In the event of cloud going down or running slowly, the Dev team have set up a few useful tools on Jenkins that can be used to:

  • Put up/pull down the landing page
  • Restart the cloud server

Putting up the holding page

  • Go to the jenkins url:
  • If you see a 'broken master' overlay, dismiss it by clicking 'close'
  • Click 'log in' in the top right, and log in using the 'support' credentials in the passwords spreadsheet
  • Find the 'frontlinecloud-holding-page-ON' job in the jenkins job list Screen_Shot_2013-09-12_at_12.20.46.png
  • Remember the state of the job - If the ball to the left of the job is grey, the job has been DISABLED.
  • Click on the 'frontlinecloud-holding-page-ON' link
  • If the job was disabled, click 'enable job' at the right of the page. If it wasn't disabled, skip this step
  • Click the 'Build now' button in the menu to the left of the page


  • The jenkins job will now execute, and cloud.frontlinesms.com will point at the holding page after around half a minute.
  • The ball next to the job on the jenkins homepage indicates the current state
    • If it is flashing, it means the job is in progress. The list to the left shows a progress bar indicating an estimate of how long is left in the job. Ignore the colour of the flashing ball - this shows the completion state of the previous job, and does not reflect how the currently executing job is going
    • If the ball is green, it means the job was successful.
    • If the ball is red, it means the job was unsuccessful. In the case of all jobs mentioned here, this probably means dotcloud is experiencing an outage, and our scripts were unable to connect to dotcloud to perform the required action
    • A grey ball simply means the job was disabled since it was last run. We do this as a precaution to prevent accidental triggering of these jobs

Disabling the holding page

Follow all the steps for enabling the holding page above, but use the 'frontlinecloud-holding-page-OFF' job instead. This job should also take about half a minute to take effect, after which cloud.frontlinesms.com will point at our app again.

- Sitati & Okal

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