Promoting a user to super admin

NOTE : Comment added by VSO on 27th July 2017. The instructions in this doc don't work anymore since that part of the app has a few bugs.

You need to be a super admin to do this.  Go to (just 'slash admin' on whichever instance you're doing this on).

This requires two steps:

  1. Find the User ID number of the user that you want to promote
  2. Create a new role for that user so that they have super admin privileges

1. Finding the User ID

When in the admin section you can find the list of app users in the drop-down and select the 'Users' option.  The URL below shows the same list without batching (makes it easier to find the user in the page):

Once you have found the user in the list the easiest way is to simply hover over the link that each Email points to.  The number at the end of the URL is the user's ID number:


So in this instance the ID of Vaneyck's user is '2'.

You can of course click on the link and get the number from the resulting page's address.

2. Creating the new role

You will now need to create a new user role and associate it with the user.  This is done through the 'Roles' page in the admin menu e.g. for cloud:

From here go to create a new role with the link 'New WorkspaceUserRole': e.g


There are 4 parts of the form and you should ignore the last two.

  • Enter <ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN> exactly as it is written between the brackets and in the image above
  • Enter the User ID you found in the previous step


Done!  Submitting this form will create a new role (ignore the number) and the user associated with that user id will now be able to access the dashboard with all-powerful slashadmin.

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