What do I need? (hardware)

In order to run FrontlineSMS with Payments users must have a computer (desktop of laptop), the latest download of FrontlineSMS with Payments, a compatible Android phone* running FrontlineOS and a M-Pesa Safaricom SIM. FrontlineSMS with Payments works with P2P (standard MPesa registered SIM cards) as well as Paybill and Lipa na M-Pesa registered SIMs. For more information regarding Paybill SIMs, please read here. 

Sending MPesa payments via FrontlineSMS with Payments are subject to the standard Safaricom tariffs. Please consult Safaricom for the latest tariffs for using MPesa. Depending on how you configure your Activities inside FrontlineSMS with Payments, you may incur regular SMS costs while sending notification messages. 

Payments does not require an active internet connection in order to function; the Android phone can be connected to the computer using the FrontlineSync Android application. For information about installing FrontlineSync on your android device, please read here

*In order for users to send payments using FrontlineSMS with Payments, users must have either a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 phone running FrontlineOS. FrontlineOS is available at XXX. Users who wish to only receive payments can use a Safaricom modem or any Android phone with FrontlineSync. For information about configuring your modem to work with FrontlineSMS with Payments, please read here


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