What is Payments

What is Payments? Payments is a professional payment management software released by FrontlineSMS for the Social Impact Lab. Payments allows users to easily send and receive M-Pesa Safaricom Kenya payments using an Android phone and a desktop computer.

Payments is built on the FrontlineSMS platform, which uses an inbox, a contact database, a mobile network connection and activity automator. Users can send and receive SMS as well as sending and receiving M-Pesa using Payments. Payments is able to automate some processes for its users, like updating and tracking payments and balances, as well as running Loans and Savings. 

Payments requires a special build of FrontlineSMS and a special mobile operating operating system running on a compatible phone. 

Payments was created with gererous support by the Department for International Development (DFID) through the Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF). 


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