Why use a web-hosted SMS aggregator service and when should I use an Android phone?

FrontlineCloud allows you to connect and integrate easily to most virtualised SMS aggregators, also known as web SMS services or web aggregators. This is sometimes a necessary alternative to using an Android phone gateway.

Benefits of using an SMS Aggregator Downsides of using an Aggregator

Virtualised SMS aggregators can provide a much faster way to send large volumes of messages. This is important when sending large batches of SMS messages where the time taken for the end users to receive them is critical. Read more about SMS sending rates when using android phones.

There may not be good SMS aggregator coverage in your country of operation.  It is very common to find that especially in countries outside of North America and Europe, there are very few virtualised SMS aggregator companies offering these services. Have a search online before getting started.

There are occasionally difficulties with working with physical devices. For example, if you do not have a reliable physical office present in the country of operation.

Cost is often the biggest factor preventing projects from using a virtualised service.  There is often a monthly subscription (not connected to FrontlineCloud) and per-message charges can be high.

Aggregators can also offer more automated billing methods which can be more convenient than topping up air time on a sim card.

Projects that do not have consistent funding models may struggle to agree on payments terms with some aggregators for example because of a lack of valid credit card.  It is always easy and accessible to buy air time anywhere in country.

Aggregators can offer features that are not as readily available using sim cards.  These vary greatly country to country but if you require features such as reverse billing, short codes, alphanumeric sender IDs or other features then it is worth looking around or getting in touch with us.

Getting started with an aggregator can sometimes take a lot of time.  Researching the providers on offer, negotiating the costs and then getting the connection made can often take longer than is ideal.
Buying and Android phone and a local sim can be a lot quicker.

FrontlineCloud can greatly simplify the way in which you manage the sending and receiving of SMS messages in your country.  Whether it is connecting your in-country Android phone or creating an account with an SMS provider and connecting that account to FrontlineCloud.

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