Send a Message

The ability to send a message is available from almost any page on your Frontline workspace.

Note that to send SMS in Frontline, you must first set up an appropriate Connection through which SMS will be sent. See the Connections documentation for details on setting this up.

A "Send SMS" button is available at the top right corner of any page you navigate to on your workspace.

Step 1: Click on the button whenever you want to send a message. A window will appear where you can type your SMS and add recipients. 


  1. Enter Recipients in this section. You can use the  drop down arrow next to the 'Show all contacts' label to select contacts or groups that you have already saved in your people section.

The recipient selector allows for simple searching, letting you get all Contacts, Groups or Smart Groups that match a search term. For example, to search for “Pet”, type in ‘pet’ into the recipient list. The recipient selector will then display recipients that matched your query. Clicking on the displayed contacts or groups will add them for message sending.

2. Type in the text message you would like to send in this section. 

3. You can select a connection that you prefer to use to send the SMS (if you have multiple connections) or keep the default configuration. See more details about connection rules.

Step 2: Verify that all the details you have entered above are correct and then send the message. 

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