Creating a Smart Group

This page describes how to create a Smart Group and how each rule works. Smart Group is a feature that allows you to create dynamic groups that update themselves automatically depending on the criteria that you set. Smart groups are dependent on custom fields. For example, you can create a Smart Group that contains contacts which have, for example, Nairobi as their City.

Every time the custom field called City is added to a contact and “Nairobi” is entered into the field, the contact will automatically be added to that particular smart group.


Creating a Smart Group

1. When viewing the People tab, click on the button ‘Create new smart group’.

2. A window will appear asking you to specify the rules for your smart group.

3. The drop down menu allows you to select a custom field for which to set a rule. Select a field that you wish to set criteria for.


4. Next step is to select the criteria that will be used for this rule. Depending on the type of custom field (Text, Number, Boolean, Currency or Date), choose your preferred criteria. 


4. Next to the drop box there is an empty text field in which you can enter the text that the smart group will look for when figuring out who should go into the group. For example, if you set the field to “Contact Name” and the text “ro”, the smart group will add all contacts whose names start with “ro”.

5. If you want to add another rule, then click “add another rule”, otherwise go to step

6. Repeat step 4 to add another rule. Rules will work in conjunction with each other, so a contact will only be added to the group if it fulfils ALL rules.

7. Enter a name for your smart group.

8. Click “Create”.

Your new smart group will appear in the People tab under “Smart Groups”. It will work immediately and, therefore, any contacts which already fulfil the smart group rules will be present in the group if you click on it now.

Otherwise, contacts will be added automatically if and when they fulfil the rules of the smart group.

Note: When using custom fields in smart group rules, contacts must also have the custom field in their contact record to be considered against the smart groups’ rules.

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