What is the speed of sending and receiving messages in Frontline?

FrontlineCloud connects to a number of web-based SMS aggregator services. As a general rule, these services can send a high volume of messages at a relatively fast rate. Generally, you can expect a rate exceeding one message per second, though this can vary by aggregator service, country, and carrier used. If you want to send a large volume of messages, connecting to an SMS aggregator service will be ideal to move them quickly a carrier-grade speed.

Furthermore, some countries restrict the number of messages per hour or per day that individuals can send over a SIM card. Many of the web-hosted services allow you to bypass these restrictions, reaching a larger number of individuals. In some cases, you can also sign up for a 2-way phone number through these services, allowing you to receive messages as well.

You can also use Frontline with an Android device with FrontlineSync. You can send up to 40 messages per minute via an Android.

Please bear in mind that some factors that may affect the speed of message delivery or receipt are:

  • mobile network is busy
  • user's internet connection is down
  • carriers sometimes limit the number of messages coming from a single number
  • SMS aggregator service temporarily cannot connect to a specific carrier

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