Using Missed Calls with Frontline Workspaces

The Missed Call feature is available on FrontlineCloud and FrontlineSMS version 2.4.1 and above. It is enabled when you have a FrontlineSync gateway configured. Read more about how to configure FrontlineSync in the following articles; Creating a FrontlineSync connection on FrontlineCloud and Creating a FrontlineSync on FrontlineSMS.

The feature only keeps track of unanswered calls to the phone that has the FrontlineSync gateway configuration. When you receive Missed Calls on your Android phone, FrontlineSync will upload them to the Missed Calls -> Received folder in your Frontline Workspace.

On FrontlineSync's Activity Log all Missed Calls, even those from Contacts saved on the phone, are configured into internationalized phone number format.  See more details on this Log.


Uploaded Missed Calls in FrontlineSync's Activity Log

Once uploaded, Missed Calls from your saved Contacts are displayed by their names, whereas those from unknown numbers are in the internationalized phone number format. The timestamp details match those on FrontlineSync as taken from the Android system.


Missed Calls are uploaded immediately while FrontlineSync is in communication with your Frontline workspace. When there is no communication between the two, the Missed Calls will be held for Pending and uploaded once the connection is established again.

Once a Missed Call is in your workspace, it is easy to 'Reply by SMS' within the system by simply selecting the Call in the Received list.

Note that the syncing configuration option to "Upload Missed Calls " must be checked for them to be uploaded.


Ensure the option 'Uploading missed calls' is checked

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