About the FrontlineSync Activity Log

The Activity Log 

When you have started to send and receive SMS and register missed calls, the Activity Log is where you can view your log of all these items.  It is very useful for tracking the status of items whether you are watching in progress items get processed, checking on the status of previous items or simply checking the timestamps of events.



The initial empty state of the Activity Log; there has been no activity 


An example of an Activity Log showing uploaded SMS and missed calls, and sent SMS.  All entries have a timestamp and a status, as well as the source/target phone number and icon representing the type of entry it is.

Using the Activity Log to manage the sending of SMS

When you send an SMS from your workspace through a FrontlineSync connection to a GSM number, Frontline will put all messages into a Pending state on your workspace.  The messages will remain here until the FrontlineSync app on your Android checks/polls your workspace.

Messages will remain unsent and in Pending until FrontlineSync performs a check, you can edit this Check Frequency in the Options screen.  You can override this check interval manually on the Dashboard.

When a Check is performed, all of the messages in Pending on that FrontlineSync connection will be taken and sent through the Android's SMS system.  FrontlineSync will queue the messages up as required depending on the hardware of your Android.  The Activity Log will show all messages as In Progress until they have been Sent, or Fail.

Messages will still remain in Pending in your workspace until the next Check time when FrontlineSync will send back the status details of each SMS that was sent; In Progress, Pending, Sent or Failed.  The 'In Progress' and 'Pending' states are both marked as Pending in your workspace. You can again force a refresh from the dashboard.


For example, if your Check Frequency is set to 30 minutes and send a message from your FrontlineSMS or FrontlineCloud workspace through a FrontlineSync connection; then it will take up to 30 minutes for the message to be pushed to FrontlineSync.  It will then take another Check for FrontlineSMS or FrontlineCloud to be updated by FrontlineSync of the status of that message.  In this case the message would be sent within 1-30 minutes and could stay in Pending for 31-60 minutes.


If a message fails to send on the first attempt on the Android phone, FrontlineSync automatically retries to send the message 3 times before marking the message as failed.  A failed message will be marked as such in your workspace allowing you to retry manually there.

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