About the FrontlineSync Dashboard

The Dashboard and app homepage

The FrontlineSync home page is first screen you see after you have fully set up the connection, and each time you open the app afresh.


The dashboard; in this state the app is currently in the middle of a 'Check', has another Check scheduled at 17:33 and has all 3 of the FrontlineSync data options enabled.

The page lets you see the top level information about FrontlineSync's status in one clear screen.  It provides navigation to the Settings and Activity Log screens.  It also has an action button that let's you manually force a Check to your workspace.

  • Last Check with FrontlineCloud or FrontlineSMS: lets you know when FrontlineSync last checked for outgoing messages  from your workspace.  This is the place that shows whether or not the last Check failed.


In this case, the last Check to FrontlineSMS (a desktop workspace) failed at 11:21, there is another check scheduled for 11:22 and the user has 2-way SMS messaging enabled, but missed call handling disabled.

  • Next Check with FrontlineCloud or FrontlineSMS: shows when FrontlineSync is due to check next with your workspace
  • Check For Outgoing Messages Now: manually prompt FrontlineSync to check with your workspace at FrontlineCloud or FrontlineSMS.  This action gets all Pending messages on this connection and also syncs the app's Options.
  • The 3 Options: a view to show which options are currently enabled within FrontlineSync; read more about these Options here.
  • Show Activity Log: link to the Activity Log.
  • The application is currently inactive: as shown below, this appears when FrontlineSync switched OFF 


In this scenario the app has been switched off on the Options screen, the last Check failed at 15:19 and none of the 3 gateway Options are enabled.



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