Options in FrontlineSync explained

FrontlineSync Options

To edit  which pieces of information are handled by FrontlineSync, go to "Settings" in the top right of the dashboard screen, and then select Options.  These options will have been set on initial set up of the app and you can change these at any time.


The Settings screen.  From here you can re-configure your initial connection and enter the Options screen.  You can also see the version of the app you are running, please use this when contacting us for support.

Configuring the options

You can select whether

  • FrontlineSync is sends SMS on behalf of your Frontline workspace [Send messages using this Android]
  • FrontlineSync uploads all incoming SMS received into the Android to your Frontline workspace [Upload incoming messages from FrontlineSync]
  • FrontlineSync uploads all incoming calls that were missed or not answered to your Frontline workspace [Upload missed calls from FrontlineSync]

To update these settings, simply check the corresponding tick box from within the Options menu and hit Update.



The Options as they are shown with the initial configuration process as Step 3/4.  Here all 3 options are disabled.


The Options screen.  Notice the OFF button that is not present during configuration set up.  The Options selected here mean that FrontlineSync will not send messages on behalf of your workspace but will send any incoming SMS and missed calls.

Check Frequency

You can also update the frequency that FrontlineSync will check with FrontlineCloud or FrontlineSMS for new messages to send.  When FrontlineSync checks for new messages to send, it also checks for new Option Settings and ensures the Android and Workspace have the same Options set. Use the slider to adjust this timing; the times offered are pre-configured to suggested sensible intervals.  The minimum check frequency that can be set is 1 minute and maximum 2hrs.

The tradeoff here is the delay to send messages and the battery usages of your Android - setting the interval to 1 minute for example will ensure that the Android checks your workspace at least 60 times per hour, every hour.  While this provides a quick dispatch of messages from your workspace it will drain the battery of the Android quickly and so is only recommended for time critical projects or time critical times of the day.

These options can also be configured through your workspace on FrontlineSMS and FrontlineCloud.  Whilst a connection is maintained between your Android and your workspace, changing a setting at one end will affect the setting at the other.  This means that you can configure your FrontlineSync settings remotely through your Frontline workspace.

You may trigger a manual sync of the Options values only from the Android app (not from your workspace).  So if you are waiting for the Options to be synced between the workspace, you can force this by using the 'Check for Outgoing Messages Now' button on the dashboard.

Switching the app ON/OFF

You can also switch the FrontlineSync app ON and OFF within the screen, and still retain your configurations. When the app is in the OFF state,  the FrontlineSync features will be disabled and will not action anything until you have switched the app ON again. There will be a notification on the dashboard if the app is inactive.


Switching ON

Switching the app on re-establishes the connection with your Frontline workspace.  

The app will provide you with the option of uploading all SMS and missed calls that have been registered since the date you switched off the app.  Selecting Upload will send ALL calls that were missed and SMS that were received between the date shown and the present time. You can Skip this step if you know that the data is not required but beware that you will then not have the chance to upload these items again.


The prompt shown when you switch FrontlineSync back ON and there were SMS or missed calls received while the app was OFF.

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