Managing Missed Call Interactions

You can view Missed Calls from either the All Communications box or the Missed Calls view. The actions that can be performed on Missed Calls are; Reply to, Forward, and Delete. 

Replying to Missed Calls 

 You can reply to either a single or multiple Missed Calls. 

 Step 1: Select the Missed Calls that you want to reply to. You can select Missed Calls using the checkboxes next to them. You can also click on a single Missed call to view the actions available. 


Step 2: Click on the reply to arrows to open the reply window. The recipients are already filled in for you. Enter a message, set the connection options and send. 


 Forwarding Missed Calls

Step 1: Expand the Missed call that you want to forward to view the actions. You can only forward a single missed call at time.



  Step 2: Enter the recipients to forward the Missed Call to (1). You can add more than one recipients and also include a brief message(2). Set the connection options and then send. 


Deleting Missed Calls 

Step 1:Select the Missed Calls you want to delete using the checkboxes next to each or the checkbox at the top of the for a bulk selection, or expand a Missed Call to view the inline actions. 


Step 2: Click on either of the trash can icons highlighted in red boxes and confirm the delete action on the window that opens. 






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