Managing SMS Interactions

Sending SMS 

The Send SMS button is visible from within all the areas of the workspace.

Step 1: Click on the button whenever you want to send a message. A window will open where you can type your SMS and add recipients. 


  1. Enter Recipients in this section. You can use the  drop down arrow next to the 'Show all contacts' label to select contacts or groups that you have already saved in your people section. 
  2.  Enter the Message to send in this section. 
  3. You can select a connection to  send the SMS from here leave it to use the default configuration.

Step 2: Verify that all the details you have entered above are correct and then send the message. 

Replying to SMS  

You can respond to a single SMS or to multiple SMS at the same time. 

Single SMS 

Step 1: From the All Communications or SMS received view, select the SMS you want to reply to. You can do this by checking the box next to the SMS or by clicking the SMS to view the expanded view. 


Step 2: Click the 'reply to'  arrows highlighted by the red boxes above. If you selected a message using the checkbox, click the arrow at the top otherwise click the one within the message. This will open the window below. 

 Step 3: The recipient's details are filled in. Enter a reply message and select the connection to send the SMS through and click send. 

Replying to Multiple SMS 

Select the SMS's  that you want to reply to using the checkboxes next to the SMS and then click on the 'Reply to' arrow at the top of the page. The reply to window such as above will open. Enter the reply message and send. 

Forwarding SMS 

The forwarding of multiple SMS is not supported.You can only forward single SMSs at a time to either a single or many Contacts.

Step 1:  From within either the All communications or Received SMS views. Expand the SMS that you want to forward. You can do this by clicking the SMS. 


Step 2: Enter the recipient details in the forward message window. You can add a single or many contacts. You can also modify the SMS you are forwading in this Window. 


Step 3: Confirm that the details you have entered are correct and send  

Deleting SMS 

You can delete a single or multiple SMS. Deleted SMS will go into the 'Deleted Communications' view. Deleted Communications can be restored back to their previous view. 

Step 1: Select the SMS  that you want to delete from either of the views available; All communications, SMS received, SMS sent, SMS failed, SMS pending, Did not trigger and click the Trash can icon at the top of the page. You can also delete a single SMS from the delete icon found inline the SMS details. 


Step 2: Confirm the delete action in the window that opens by clicking the 'Delete Interactions' button. 


Resending Failed SMS 

 You can either resend one SMS at a time or in bulk. Before attempting to resend your Failed SMS, it is good to first fix the issue causing the failures. This could be due to a number of reasons but most are connection related for example,  if you have a broken connection and or lack of enough credit to send the SMS or when you have not defined any routing rules.  

Resending a single SMS 

Step 1: Open the SMS Failed view in the left hand filter navigation of the Inbox and select the SMS that you want to resend.

Step 2: Click on either of the resend buttons (1) or (2). The SMS will be queued again and moved from the SMS Failed view to the SMS Pending view. 


Resending Bulk SMS

From the Failed SMS view, select all the SMS that you want to resend and click the 'Retry Sending Selected Failed SMS' button.  A window will open with confirmation that you are about to resend X number of SMS. The SMS will be moved to the Pending SMS view. 

 Scheduling a message to be sent later

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