Introduction to your ‘Inbox'

In this example above you can see a few expanded and minimised SMS interactions.  Some of them have triggered an Activity 'Seasonal SMS handler' that replies to any SMS that contains the word 'autumn'.

An interaction is any data sent or received by the FrontlineSMS platform. Frontline workspaces can hold and manage many different types of interaction.  An ‘interaction’ can be
  • a received inbound SMS
  • an outbound SMS that has either sent, failed or is in a pending state
  • a received inbound Missed Call
  • a deleted communication
  • an interaction that did not trigger an Activity

The Inbox now allows all of these interaction types to co-exist in one list, as well as filter them all out by type.  So a user can see a chronological list of all of the interactions going in and out of the workspace in one place.  It is also possible to filter and view only one type.

Interactions appear in two states; minimised and expanded.  The minimised list view allows for many interactions to be listed together whilst displaying the critical information, and allowing the interactions to be selected for bulk actions.

Clicking on any interaction will expand it, revealing all information available to that interaction; the full SMS text, contact information about the sender/recipient, tagging information and which Activities have been triggered by it.  Individual actions such as reply, forward and delete also become available.

Replacing Archive, Frontline now has a Delete and Restore functionality for interactions.  Deleting an interaction will remove it from all places in the app.  It will be locatable in the Deleted Communications section so that mistakes can be rectified and interactions Restored.

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