Autoreply to Missed Calls

This is a useful activity to have when introducing a system to a community or a group; you provide a number for interested members to 'flash' (ring and hang up) and in turn they would receive an SMS that you have preset to let them know all about the system, an event or how to participate. To set this up, follow the steps below; 

Step 1: On the Activities page, click 'Create activity' to get started and  click 'Autoreply to Missed Calls' to proceed to the activity builder. 

Step 2: Enter the Autoreply details in the activity builder as explained below; 


  1. Enter a name for the Activity.
  2. Enter the message that contacts will receive when they flash call your number.   You can use the magic wand to enter items such as the recipient's name.

There are also optional 'advanced' options:

  1. Select the connection that you want to send the SMS back through. You can use any of the other connections you have set up not necessarily a FrontlineSync connection. 
  2. You can restrict the Activity to a group which means that only Missed Calls from people saved in that group will trigger the Autoreply.
  3. Define a Tag name to identify the Missed Calls that have triggered the Autoreply in the Inbox.
  4. If you have more than one FrontlineSync connections and want the Autoreply to be triggered by only Missed calls received through a specific one define that in this section.

Note that you must first set up a FrontlineSync connection to receive Missed Calls, as its the only connection type that supports this Activity. You can however use a different connection to send the autoreply Messages. 

Step 3: The saved Autoreply will appear on the Activities overview page. Activities are by default switched ON and this means that they will be triggered whenever the conditions set for them are fulfilled. You can switch the Activity OFF when its not use. 




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