Add contacts to a Group using Subscriptions Activity

The Subscription via SMS Activity let's you manage group membership with ease. It's built to allow people to either add or remove themselves from groups at their own will. All you are required to do is give people the keywords they need to either join or leave and the system will manage the process for you. To create a Subscription, follow the steps below; 

 Step 1: On the Activities page, click 'Create activity' to get started. On the Activity selector page that opens, click ' Subscription using SMS' to proceed to the activity builder. 

Step 2: Enter the Subscription Activity details in the activity builder; 


  1. Name your subscription Activity.
  2. Select the group that you want your contacts to be added to. If the group is not already existing in your People section, you can create a new one.
  3. Enter the top level keywords that will be used to trigger the Activity. The top level keywords will be used together with the join keywords. Top level keywords are *optional* but useful in distinguishing which Activity is triggered by a certain join keyword when you have many Activities using similar keywords. 
  4. Enter your join keywords, these are mandatory to have. They are what will be used to trigger the Activity. If your top level keyword is "Band" and the join keyword is "Blue', your contacts will text in "Band Blue" to be added to the group. If you choose to have no top level keyword, your contacts will only need to text in "Blue" to be added to the group.
  5. Enter the auto-response text that will be sent back to contacts to notify them that they have been added to the group. You can use the magic wand to add more details to this. 
  6. Enter the keywords that contacts should send in when they opt to leave the group. 
  7. Enter the auto-response text that will be sent to your contacts to notify them that they have been unsubscribed/removed from the group.
  8. Here you can set an action to be performed when an SMS had keywords that matched the top-level keywords but the sender forgot to send a join keyword also. You can opt to add them to the group, remove from the group or toggle their group membership.
  9.  In the advanced configuration section, define the connection that should be used to send out the auto-replies when people join or leave

Step 3: Confirm your details and save the Subscription. The Activity will appear in the Activities overview page and will be by default switched ON. You can Switch it OFF when not in use or edit it to update any of the above details. 




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