Creating an SMS Autoforward

This type of Activity allows you to automatically forward incoming SMS to selected contacts. Autoforwards can be set up to act on all incoming SMS, or just  to process SMS identified by specific keywords. The SMS  sent to the selected recipients can be configured to contain more information than just the original message content. When setting up an autoforward, you can select any number of individual contacts, groups or smart groups to forward to. The steps to configure an Autoforward are provided below; 

Step 1: On the Activities page, click 'Create activity' to get started. On the Activity selector page that opens, click 'Autoforward SMS' to proceed to the activity builder. 

Step 2: Enter the autoforward details in the Activity builder as shown and explained below;


  1. In this step enter a name for the autoforward Activity.
  2. Add recipients who will receive the autoforwarded SMS. You can use the drop down arrow on the right of the box to populate with contacts or groups from your people section.
  3. You do not need to add anything in this box unless you want to modify the autoforward texts.  
  4. You can use the magic wand to add more details to the autoforwarded SMS. The details you opt to select from here will be added into the textbox (3).
  5. From the options here,select an option to either apply the autoforward to all incoming SMS or to only those with defined keywords.
  6. If you select the keyword option above, enter some keywords in this box and remember to inform the contacts that you are interacting with to use the keywords when sending SMS to you. For example if you have set up an emergency response system and you need to forward urgent SMS to authorities to act on, you can ask contacts to always start or include the word 'help' or 'urgent'.  Please note that the words should not be in quotes.
  7. If you have more than one connections, you can define which one to use when sending autoforwards in this section. You can also restrict the autoforward to be triggered by only SMS from members of a certain group within your contacts. Also within here you can set a tag to help you quickly identify the incoming SMS that have triggered the autoforward.  

Step 3: Confirm that the details you have entered above are correct and save. Your Activity will be appear in the activities  overview page.  Remember to keep the Activity on (indicated by a green On  light)  for it to be triggered or switch it OFF when not in use. You can also edit it from here, view the times it has been triggered and the trigger types. 







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