Autoreply to SMS

This Activity can be useful when you want to give feedback to your contacts that their SMS has been received for example if you are running a survey through SMS. You can set up an Autoreply to be sent to all your incoming SMS or just to SMS with specific keywords. Follow the steps below to set up; 

Step 1: On the Activities page, click 'Create activity' to get started. On the Activity selector page that opens, click 'Autoreply to SMS' to proceed to the activity builder. 

Step 2: Enter the Autoreply details in the activity builder; 


  1. Enter a name for your  Autoreply.
  2. Enter the text that you want your contacts to receive when they send you an SMS.
  3. Set options to determine whether the SMS will be sent out to all incoming or only SMS that begin with defined keywords.
  4. If you set the option to have keywords, enter the keyword options here.
  5. In this section, define the connection that will be used to send the SMS. You can also restrict the Autoreply to a group and also add a tag to filter all the SMS that will trigger the Autoreply. 

In the example above, we have set up  a thank you note to be sent out to people who participate in a survey. The Autoreply text will only be sent out to SMS that begin with the word Survey as defined in the keywords section. 

Step 3: Save the Autoreply  details to complete.The Autoreply's overview should now be visible on the Activities page. You can switch the Autoreply ON or OFF and edit it from here. 





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