Connecting to NationBuilder

The FrontlineSMS NationBuilder integration lets you push messages from FrontlineCloud to NationBuilder. To set up this forwarding, you must first connect FrontlineCloud to your NationBuilder account. This is done by generating a NationBuilder API token, which you will paste into FrontlineCloud.

Requesting NationBuilder developer access

NationBuilder restricts access to the developer features to users working with certified NationBuilder developers, or users working with partner apps. As a first step, you will need to email NationBuilder at to explain that you are integrating with FrontlineSMS according to their online guide, and require access to the Developers tab. Be sure to send the email using the email address associated with your NationBuilder account.

Preparing for the Integration on NationBuilder

To obtain this, go to the Settings Page inside your nation, click Developer, then API Token. Click the button to Create Token button.  


Copy the string of numbers and letters created by the token. This will be inputted into FrontlineCloud in the subsequent steps.

Authenticating inside FrontlineCloud

Login to your FrontlineCloud Workspace and select 'API web services and Integrations' from the Settings cog in the top right hand side. Click the button that says Connect a web Service. 

Select NationBuilder from the options provided in the window that opens.

A form will appear in the drawer and ask for three pieces of information: your NationBuilder slug, the email address you use to login to NationBuilder, and your API Token. 


Enter the values into the corresponding fields, and click 'Save'. You are now ready to start configuring your Activities inside FrontlineCloud!




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