Switching a locked workspace to the Free plan

A FrontlineCloud account becomes 'locked' if we failed to automatically bill the associated credit card for 7 days after the scheduled billing date, or if the plan was on a subscription settled offline and has come to the end of the paid period.

If your workspace is locked, you will be automatically directed to the billing page on login. To unlock the workspace, you can either enter valid credit card details to continue on your previous plan, or you can downgrade the subscription to our Free plan.

  1. In the "Billing" page click on the button "Try our Free plan"
  2. You will be take to a page where you can choose to migrate to the Free plan.
  3. Click on the Free plan
  4. Accept the terms and conditions. Your account will then be migrated to the Free plan.


Click on the Free plan and accept the terms and conditions.


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