Getting started with the Settings page.

Click on the settings gear to open the settings menu. 



This links you to the connections page where you can manage your connections. The different types of connections are explained in separate articles. 

Import and Export 

You can Import and Export your Inbox messages or Contacts from here. The file types supported are CSV and VCF.  

Web Service and API integrations

This links to the page where you can set up integrations with external web services. 

Show System Logs 

 This is useful when you want to send your Logs to the support team for analysis. The Usage stats page is also nested here and allows you to analyze your application's performance from here for different time ranges. 

 Help Docs 

This links you to our help articles. 

Your Subscription

Links you to the billing page where you can  activate your paid account and track the payment history.  


You can edit your account information from this page. E.g Email details, passwords, timezone, and language.


This is updated on every deployment day. You can track bugs fixed or new feature releases from here. 









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