How do I Create and Manage an SMS Connection?

Choose a Connection Type
In order to send and receive SMS, you must create a connection within your FrontlineCloud workspace. There are two primary types of connections: the FrontlineSync app for Android phones and SMS aggregators.

If you want to test out Frontline before creating a connection you can mock SMS using our Mock Phone. Read through details of our Mock Phone and how you can use it here.


The default SMS connection options.  If you have a provider you want to use get in touch and we can connect for you.

FrontlineSync:  Our free FrontlineSync app turns any Android phone into an SMS gateway. This means you can use an Android phone’s local phone number to send, receive, and manage SMS.
Learn how to connect FrontlineSync to your FrontlineCloud workspace.

   >> Read our article helping you choose between an Android gateway and an aggregator <<

Web SMS Aggregator: An SMS aggregator (or provider) is an online gateway that connects your Frontline workspace to the cell phone carriers authorized to operate within the country you are messaging. We have a few SMS aggregators listed directly in the app including: Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell and World-text.


Create a Connection within your workspace

Creating a connection is easy; click on the button 'Connect to a mobile network' (below) to select the type of connection and follow the steps provided for each.  Each connection type has a different set up process, please refer to the specific help article on each type.



Connection Status Types

Connections can be in one of four different states; Connected (Green), Waiting to Connect or disconnected (Amber), Failed (Red) and Disabled (Grey).

When a connection is in the Connected green state it means that it is connected as designed and is active for sending and receiving SMS interactions. You can test a active connection to confirm this hovering on the connection and selecting the 'Send test message' option.  This simply opens a Send SMS action with that specific connection pre-selected and provides a useful quick way to test sending a SMS.

When a Connection is in the Amber state, it cannot be used to Send/Receive interactions. There are different steps to troubleshoot every type of connection when in the amber state as explained in their individual help files; debugging and ensuring a stable FrontlineSync connection.

When a connection is in the Red state, it means it that Frontline has failed to connect to your Web SMS Aggregator. Reasons for this are usually either because the username and API credentials are incorrect, or there is a problem with your account for example your account may have run out of funds.

Editing or Deleting a Connection

You must first disable a connection to delete or edit it.


Connection name can be edited from this screen by first clicking on the connection name itself. The current connection name will be provided in a text field and one can make the change in place. Clicking away from that text field will save the new connection name.

If you have more than one Connection in your workspace, you will see the “Create rules for which phone number is used by outgoing messages“ section where you can manage your routing rules .

This is an ordered list of which connection to use when sending out an SMS so the Connection at the top of this list is the one used first. You can edit this by dragging connections to the top of the list or by unchecking all the others except the one that you prefer to use.


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