Setting up Clickatell Incoming message Callback URL to FrontlineCloud

This article will guide you though the process of setting up a Callback URL to enable message receiving within FrontlineCloud. This article will assume that you already have a 2-way receiving Clickatell account and have logged into it. For information on how to set up such an account, please refer to Creating a 2-Way Number with Clickatell

 Step 1: Go to your SB API Subscriptions

Click on the manage link next to the phone number associated to your account.



This will bring up a page that contains Products and  Primary Callback Reply Path dropdowns.


Step 2: Set the Reply Path as HTTP GET

Select the HTTP API product that you want to configure to forward messages to FronlineCloud then specify the Reply Path as HTTP GET as shown below. 

Step 3: Enter the FrontlineCloud Callback Url

Once you select the HTTP GET option, set the target address as

Do not fill in any other fields as they will not be required. Be sure to save your  changes. 

 Your incoming Messages have now been configured. 

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