Connecting txtNation to FrontlineCloud

This file explains how to connect an existing txtNation account to FrontlineCloud. If you need to first register for a txtNation account, you can do so by following the instructions in our help file, Registering for a txtNation Account.

Once you have an account with txtNation, follow the instructions below, which include screenshots to help you navigate the process.

Step 1: Log in to FrontlineCloud and click on the settings button to view the menu then on 'Connections' link to go to the connections page and click on  'connect to mobile network'


Step 2: When the connection selector form is launched, select 'txtNation' to go to the next form.


Step 3: Fill out the form for the txtNation connection and save. 

  1. Name: This is the title you wish to give the account, e.g. My TxtNation Account.
  2. Company Code: This is the company you registered with txtNation.
  3. Encrypted Key: This is provided by txtNation under the SMS HTTP page (see Registering for a txtNation Account for more information).
  4. Phone Number: This is the number that will appear on your recipients' phone so they know which number to respond to.
  5. Network: This is a special code provided by TxtNation if you want to charge your recipients for receiving the text. If you do not want your recipients to pay for the text, then you can ignore this field.
  6. Currency: This is the currency you typically use. You will need to use the ISO currency code list. Note: this is required, even if you do not intend to charge your recipients for receiving the message.
  7. Charge: This is the amount of money you want to charge your recipients. If you do not wish to charge your recipients, simply enter '0.'


FrontlineCloud should  make the connection and automatically named it  'txtNation Connection' on the Connections page.  If the Connection was created successfully, there will be a green dot next to it. If the dot is amber in color, it means FrontlineCloud is still attempting to establish a connection and should give the application a few minutes to complete the task. If the dot is grey or red, it means the Connection was not created 


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