Connecting a 2-way Twilio number to your FrontlineSMS workspace

Once you've Registered for a Twilio account, you can now connect it to FrontlineSMS with only a few key pieces of information.

Connecting your account is fairly easy. We've outlined the step-by-step process, with screenshots, below. You will need the following information to set up the connection.

  • Your account SID: This tells Twilio which account you are trying to connect to FronlineSMS.
  • Your Auth Token: This identifies you as the account owner. 

Step 1: Log into Twilio to get the above information

This information is hidden from your dashboard. To view, click on the link ' Show API Credentials' on the top right side of the page. You will need to copy the details within the red highlight boxes on the screenshot below and paste to the Twilio connection page as indicated in step 4 below. 



Step 2: Navigate to the Settings menu in your FrontlineCloud workspace and click on Connections. 


Step 3: Click on 'connect to a mobile network', then select 'Twilio' from the options on the connections selector.


Step 4: Add your account information in the window that opens next as shown below and save. 


When pasting the SID, some users experience additional spaces being added to the front of their alphanumeric SID. You won't be able to see this when you paste, so you'll have to move your cursor all the way to the beginning of the SID and make sure you delete any extra spaces.

Your Twilio connection will be created on FrontlineSMS with a green status light next to it. You can rename it to whatever you like (e.g. Bob's Twilio Connection).


Step 5: Ensure that Twilio is set up to share incoming (MO) messages with FrontlineSMS

You now need to check that the incoming message webhook is populated on Twilio.  Go back to your Twilio account and look at each of the phone numbers in turn:

Check that each phone number has the "A Message Comes In" section is populated with the URL below.

This tells Twilio to send all incoming Mobile Originated (MO) messages to your FrontlineSMS account. If this is not populated, copy and paste it to all the phone numbers you intend to use on FrontlineSMS then click Save.



1. Occasionally the Messaging section will not show the "A Message Comes in" option for a number.  If so make sure the "Configure With" drop-down has "Webhooks, TwiML Bins, Functions, Studio, or Proxy" selected and it should appear as the image above.

2. If you have bought multiple phone numbers on Twilio, they will all be listed on FrontlineSMS. If you prefer to use all the phone numbers to send and receive messages on FrontlineSMS,ensure that they are 'checked' in the routing rules section to enable you to send and receive SMS. If not, disable and delete the ones you don't need.


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