Connecting WorldText to FrontlineCloud

This article will help you connect your WorldText account to FrontlineCloud. You will already need to have a WorldText account to follow these directions. If you need to create an account, please read Registering for a WorldText Account.

Once you have a WorldText Account, you can follow these step-by-step instructions to make sure WorldText is connected to FrontlineCloud. 

Note: You will need your WorldText AccountID and API Key in order to complete the connection process.

Note: You should only have to do this process once, and FrontlineCloud will then automatically connect to WorldText. From time to time, you may have to refresh your connection.

Step 1: Log in to FrontlineCloud and click on the settings button to view the menu then on 'Connections' link to go to the connections page and click on  'connect to mobile network'



Step 2: When the connection selector form is launched, select 'World-Text  connection' to go to the next form. 



Step 3: Complete the form with your WorldText AccountID and API Key.

You should see a screen that looks something like the one below. 



  1. Name the connection whatever you like, "Ex: My WorldText Account.'
  2. Enter your WorldText Account ID .
  3. Enter your API Key. This will help FrontlineCloud authenticate that you are a World Text customer and access your account.
  4. If you need to receive messages through this account and connection then you will need to create a World Text "Auto Responder. Select 'Enable receive' and create an auto-responder password.

When the connection is successfully set up, you'll see a small URL below your account. You will need to enter this into your WorldText account. It lets WorldText know to forward messages you receive to your FrontlineCloud account.


Log into your WorldText account, add your auto-responder password, and copy and paste the URL. You can see where to find Auto Responder in the picture below, as well as where to add your connection information.





Fill out the form with your number, URL and password.

Next, select a keyword.

Note: anyone sending you a message will need to use this keyword to respond; this is how WorldText will know to route the message to your account.

For "Type," select "HTTP GET."

Select "Add Config" and WorldText will create your configuration.

Back in FrontlineCloud, you can click "enable" to enable your connection, and your connection should work from this point forward.





Registering for a World-text account


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