Connecting Nexmo to FrontlineCloud

This article will help you connect your Nexmo account to FrontlineCloud.  If you need assistance on how to register for a Nexmo account, please see Registering for a Nexmo Account. Once you've done that, you are ready to connect!.

**Please note: We are working on updating our ability to automatically connect to Nexmo.  While we are fixing this issue, there is a workaround.  You can log into your Nexmo account (Step 1 below).  Click on the 'Numbers' tab at the top of the page, and paste the following web address next to the space for 'callback URL.' You will need to do this for each of your phone numbers with Nexmo. You can see an example in the screenshot below. We'll update this page once we've fixed the issue. 


 Step 1: Log Into Your Nexmo Account

FrontlineCloud can connect automatically to your Nexmo account, provided you are logged into both accounts in the same browser. Also, make sure you have credit on your Nexmo account.

If you are logged into your Nexmo account properly, your screen will likely look something like this:


Step 2: Open the Connections page on FrontlineCloud.

Log in to FrontlineCloud and click on the settings button to view the menu then on 'Connections' link to go to the connections page and click on  'connect to mobile network'



Step 3: Add a 'Nexmo Connection'.

When the connection selector form is launched, select 'Nexmo connection' to go to the next form. 


Step  4: Connect to Nexmo

A form with instructions on how to to connect to Nexmo will open. Click 'Connect to Nexmo' button highlighted on the  image below .Provided you've already logged into Nexmo in the same browser, FrontlineCloud should connect to your account automatically. If you have not logged in to your Nexmo account, clicking the button will open the Nexmo website where you can log in to complete the authentication process. 


FrontlineCloud should  make the connection and automatically named it  ' Nexmo Connection' on the Connections page.  If the Connection was created successfully, there will be a green dot next to it. See the example below.


If the dot is amber in color, it means FrontlineCloud is still attempting to establish a connection and should give the application a few minutes to complete the task. If the dot is grey or red, it means the Connection was not created. Here are a few things you can to resolve that:

First, move your cursor over the Nexmo Connection and click 'retry.'  If that doesn't work, delete the Connection. Log out of  Nexmo and FrontlineCloud, and repeat all of the steps in this walkthrough. Also, make sure you have credits available on your Nexmo account.  The Connection may fail if you have  no balance in your account.


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