Managing custom fields

Custom fields allow you to personalize a Contact's information. They provide a way to add more information on top of the default fields. For example, you may want to add a  Contact's postal address, or hometown e.t.c or even Date of birth. This information provided through custom fields is used with Smart Groups or when performing a search.

Creating Custom fields 

There are two ways you can create custom fields. Through the 'Manage custom fields' button at the top of the people section or from the 'Add more information' section when adding new or editing contact details. 
Three field types can be added from the Manage custom fields button; currency, date and text. Simply click on the 'Add new custom field button' and enter the details you want then save. This section also allows you to assign values to the created fields. Assigning values to fields from this here causes the custom fields to be added by default to everyone in your contact list. This is a good way to add data when you have a global custom field required for all your contacts. If not the case, you can instead create the custom fields and assign values from the 'Add more information' section for the specific contacts. 
Only the date and text custom field types can be added from the 'Add more information' section.  To add, click 'Create new', select the field type and add name from the expanded window then save. Custom fields added this way are also available in the drop down box and will appear in the 'manage custom fields' page.  Note that you cannot save duplicate custom field names. 

 Adding Custom Fields to Contacts

You can add custom fields when adding a new Contact or to already existing Contacts through edit. 

Adding custom field to new Contacts 

  1. Open the new Contact's details window as explained in the steps to add contacts and then follow the steps to add new custom fields as explained further below. 


You can click on an already existing custom field from the 'Add more information drop down (2) to add. The added custom field e.g Hometown (1) will appear above the drop down box.  If you want to add a custom field that does not exist, follow the steps in the 'Creating custom fields' above to add one. This will open another section (3). Fill in the new custom field's details as related to the contact and click the save button at the bottom of the window. 

Adding custom fields to existing Contacts 

Select a Contact from your list to edit as explained in the steps to edit contacts and follow the steps above to add custom fields. 

Deleting Custom Fields 

Custom fields that are in use cannot be deleted and will remain in the drop down box. To permanently remove custom fields, select a Contact from your list to edit as explained here and click on the 'X' mark next to the custom field that you want to remove then delete the custom field's details from the 'manage custom fields' section. 



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