Configure an optional country calling code

FrontlineCloud places an emphasis on using phone numbers in the international format and because of this FrontlineSync also tries to convert all phone numbers it handles into the international format.

When the Android running FrontlineSync receives a message, FrontlineSync will attempt to convert the source phone number of that SMS into its international format. FrontlineSync does this conversation based on the originating country of the SIM card installed in the phone. This works most times. But there are scenarios either SIM card related or mobile network related that prevent FrontlineSync from retrieving this country calling code data. When the Android then receives an SMS from a local number, FrontlineSync will not then be able to do the needed conversion.

If this happens FrontlineSync needs to be made aware of the country in which it will primarily be running in (the phone's Country Calling Code). Hence the need to be able to configure a default country calling code.

This can be done by navigating into the "Settings" section, then tapping on "Specify a country code section".


Once the desired country code is selected, tap on "Save Country Calling Code" button this should save that setting.

If FrontlineSync can't identify the Android SIM's country calling code then it will default to using the selected Country Calling Code specified here.

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